John Bokma harassment

Eli Gottlieb eligottlieb at
Wed May 24 16:13:11 CEST 2006

Tim N. van der Leeuw wrote:
> ilitzroth at wrote:
>>I agree there are limits to you right to free speech, but I believe Xah
>>Lee is not crossing
>>any boundaries. If he starts taking over newspapers and TV stations be
>>sure to notify me,
>>I might revise my position.
> Perhaps he's not crossing boundaries of free speech, but he's
> repeatedly crossing boundaries on usenet nettiquette, even though
> repeatedly he's being asked not to do so. (Extensive crossposting to
> various usenetgroups / mailing lists, for instance).
> If he would just post his stuff on a blog and find a why to get people
> to visit hist blog, without crossposting to 10 usenest groups for each
> post he makes to his blog, then nobody would mind him expressing his
> opinions, and those interested could discuss them wildly on the blog.
> But I've repeatedly seen people telling him not to crosspost his essays
> to so many newsgroups, yet he continues doing it.
> If that's enough to quit his subscription with his ISP I don't know,
> but since I've stopped following threads originated by him I don't know
> what other grounds there would be.
> Cheers,
> --Tim
Who reads blogs?  They're well known for housing crackpots far worse 
than Xah, and I estimate he doesn't want to associate himself with that 

The science of economics is the cleverest proof of free will yet 

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