the tostring and XML methods in ElementTree

Serge Orlov Serge.Orlov at
Mon May 8 00:43:05 CEST 2006

mirandacascade at wrote:
> O/S: Windows XP Home
> Vsn of Python: 2.4

[snip fighting with unicode character U+2019 (RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION

I don't know what console you use but if it is IDLE you'll get confused
even more because it is buggy and improperly handles that character:

>>> print repr(u'I'm confused')
u'I\x92m confused'

I'm using Lightning Compiler
<> to run
snippets of code and in the editor tab it handles that character fine:

>>> print repr(u'I'm confused')
u'I\u2019m confused'

But in the console tab it produces the same buggy result :) It looks
like handling unicode is like rocket science :)

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