John Bokma harassment

Mumia W. mumia.w.18.spam+nospam.usenet at
Tue May 30 12:14:15 CEST 2006

Max M wrote:
> John Bokma wrote:
>> ilitzroth at wrote:
>> Your first question should be: Is it alright that Xah harasses 5 
>> newsgroups? Or maybe work on your spelling, harass is with one r, but 
>> maybe you didn't read the subject, which wouldn't amaze me, since you 
>> sound like you should be spending time on MySpace OMG!.
> I assume that the single l in alright is the courteous misspelling that 
> should allways be in a posting, when correcting other peoples speling?

I'm glad you caught the usage error and another fine example of Bokma

People need to point it out because Bokma's hypocrisy is invisible to 
him. :)

Xah's posting on-topic messages to 5 newsgroups about two times per week 
isn't harassment, but Bokma's attempts to cut off Xah *are*.

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