OLAP and pivot tables

Ben Stroud bens_dev_lists at waypointdatasolutions.com
Fri May 26 16:23:29 CEST 2006

George Sakkis wrote:

>After a brief search, I didn't find any python package related to OLAP
>and pivot tables. Did I miss anything ? To be more precise, I'm not so
>interested in a full-blown OLAP server with an RDBMS backend, but
>rather a pythonic API for constructing datacubes in memory, slicing and
>dicing them, drilling down or up dimensions and exposing them in some
>suitable form to a presentation layer. I've hacked a first cut of a
>pivot table implementation and an XHTML generator that produces
>hierarchical html tables but it's not particularly general or easily
>extensible so far. Is there any interest at all on a pythonic version
>of something like JOLAP or XMLA ?
I'd be interested as well.  I posted a similar question to the ruby 
mailing list a few months ago to no avail.  Ideally, someone much more 
talented than myself would create a open OLAP library in C that could be 
interfaced with dynamic languages easily (I ordered some OLAP books and 
started in on this, and decided I was in over my head for now).  As far 
as free software, all I've been able to find is java-based Mondrian.  
Maybe it could serve as a reference implementation for someone.


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