Can I use python for this .. ??

placid Bulkan at
Fri May 5 07:41:20 CEST 2006

Petr Jakes wrote:
> Why using Python?
> What about?
> 1. Open Power Options in Control Panel. (Click Start, click Control
> Panel, and then double-click Power Options.)
> 2.Click the Hibernate tab, select the Enable hibernate support check
> box, and then click Apply.
> (If the Hibernate tab is unavailable, your computer does not support
> this feature.)

When you hibernate/boot up/hibernate for a long time without a clean
reboot, Windows becomes unstable...

> then:
> 1:  Click Start and Shut Down,
> 2: Point the standby button and maintain the shift key pushed,
> 3: A new hibernation button appears: click it while still holding the
> shift key: voila your PC will hibernate (it mens computer will save
> your current setting and will switch off).
> Petr Jakes

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