python vs perl lines of code

Adam Jones ajones1 at
Wed May 17 23:19:51 CEST 2006

Without any more information I would say the biggest contributor to
this dissimilarity is your experience. Having spent an additional five
years writing code you probably are better now at programming than you
were then. I am fairly confident that if you were to take another crack
at these same programs in perl you would see similar results.

One of the bigger differences might have been language changes over
time. If you had written this in python five years ago (assuming the
python rewrites are relatively current, otherwise this list gets
bigger) you would not have generators, iterators, the logging package,
built in sets, decorators,  and a host of other changes. Some of these
features you may not have used, but for every one you did python would
have had more weight.

Other than that it all boils down to how the algorithm is implemented.
Between those three factors you can probably account for most of the
differences here. The real important question is: what has perl done in
the last five years to make writing these scripts easier?

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