Opensource vs Microsoft, Wat do you think about opensource?

cracker thakur.dheeraj at
Fri May 19 01:59:53 CEST 2006

Microsoft has dominated the world of computing for many years, with its
heavily guarded 'code' being beyond reach to many in the developing
nations. In some of the poorest countries the cost of upgrading an
operating system to keep up with the rest of the world amounts to a
year's wages, and there are few legitimate options. In Thailand for
example, 95 percent of software on computers is pirated. The poorest
countries are now beginning to use free or open source software (FOSS),
a software that parallels many of Microsoft's programmes but with the
major difference being that they are distributed free of charge and can
be altered by computer programmers who are allowed unfettered access to
the 'source code'.
These days lots of discussion going on about Open source software and
Paid software like (Microsofts)
So wat do u think about opensource software? and what is your view
about Microsoft share your views with us!
and let us know what do you think about opensource software.

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