Python Programming Books?

Jerry jweida at
Wed May 24 20:00:34 CEST 2006

I think that Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional is a great
book for beginners.  It's probably a bit too simplistic for someone who
already understands the language or who has a decent background in
development.  I just borrowed it from my brother and while I consider
myself a pretty good developer (I know PHP, Perl, Shell Scripting,
VBScript, Visual Basic, and some C), I found that some of the things
that other books presented where more advanced and that they left me
missing some of the more basic concepts in Python (i.e. list
comprehension made simple).  After Beginning Python, a good book to go
to would be Dive Into Python which you can get free at  The book covers much of the same
material that Beginning Python does, but has many more full fleged
examples to help solidify what you are doing.  I've also heard really
good things about Learning Python, but these other two books seem to
cover all of the same material.

After these, I plan on reading Game Programming with Python and the
Python Cookbook to round out my library.
I'll have to check out Python Essential Reference and I'll probably get
Mastering Regular Expressions (which I think is a must have for any
language even though it focuses on Perl).


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