Can any body help me

satish satishkumar.gourabathina at
Fri May 26 07:32:34 CEST 2006

how to write script for these

1.Given a test file containing lines of words such as (abc, abb,
abd,abb, etc), write a script that prints, in order of frequency, how
many times each word appears in the file.

Write a script running in an endless loop that pings an IP (specified
on the command line) periodically. If the IP goes down n times in a row

send one email message (to an address specified on the command line)
it's down (n is specified on the command line).
Once it's available again n times in a row send an email that it's back
When a specific signal is sent to the script it sends and email saying
it is shutting down and then exits


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