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John Bokma john at
Mon May 29 21:37:29 CEST 2006

ilitzroth at wrote:

>>"There is so much noise we can't hear each other, but I will defend
>>to the death a chance to get heard for whatever you might have to say
>>that's intelligent (while not necessarily from your own mouth)".
> You write a much cooler quote!
>>Besides, it is not clear that Voltaire really said that.
> No? well I guess it's alright to harrass Xah then.

Your first question should be: Is it alright that Xah harasses 5 
newsgroups? Or maybe work on your spelling, harass is with one r, but 
maybe you didn't read the subject, which wouldn't amaze me, since you 
sound like you should be spending time on MySpace OMG!.

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