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Sun May 7 03:37:41 CEST 2006

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> bit of an understanding of the \xhh pattern.  It's still unclear to me,
> however, how one can go from the \x92 pattern and arrive at the
> apostrophe character.  Is \x92 the apostrophe character in another
> character set?  If so, which character set?

What you see with "print '\x92'" and indeed any value above '\x7F' is 
situation-dependent.  On my WinXP system, typing that in the Python command 
window gives the AE ligature (ie, the two letters joined together).  Doing 
the same in the IDLE shell window gives an accent mark similar to ` but 
slanting the other way.  An apostrophe ' in the same window is vertical, so 
they are different characters.

Terry Jan Reedy

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