GladeGen and initializing widgets at startup

Aengys wim.verhavert at
Sat May 6 22:39:06 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Being struck by article 7421 of the linux journal
(, I'll tried to give it a go.
Mainly because I have done some experiments with Glade and found that
it is really easy to create good looking GUIs. On the other end, there
is the GladeGen tool which helps you in building a skeleton in Python
such that you only have to code the events. But being a newbie with
Python as well as Glade I'm heavily dependent on documentation (mainly
online  a big part being usenet). There I found that almost nobody
seems to use it, or they don't have any problems with it. In this group
there is only thread that has a reference to it!

So my questions:

Does anybody use GladeGen? If not, why?

For those that do use it, where do I write the code which has to be
executed when a window loads?  The thing is pretty basic here. I have a
window with a treeview, and I simply want that treeview filled up when
opening the window.

Hoping for some echos...


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