Is anybody knows about a linkable, quick MD5/SHA1 calculator library ?

DurumDara durumdara at
Mon May 29 18:57:52 CEST 2006

Hi !

I need to speedup my MD5/SHA1 calculator app that working on 
filesystem's files.
I use the Python standard modules, but I think that it can be faster if 
I use C, or other module for it.

I use FSUM before, but I got problems, because I "move" into "DOS area", 
and the parameterizing of outer process maked me very angry (not working).
You will see this in this place:

So: I must handle unicode filenames. I think that if I find a library 
that can working with py's unicode chars, and I can load and use it to 
hash files, the code be better, and faster.

Anybody knows about same code ?

Py2.4, Windows, Py2Exe, wxPy... That was the specification.

Thanx for help:

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