Conversion of perl unpack code to python - something odd

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu May 18 15:50:53 CEST 2006

Andrew Robert wrote:

> # From the language declarations in manual, the following format was derived
> format='4s 4s 48s 48s 64s 4s 256s 128s 128s 48s'

that's 10 specifiers.

> d1,d2=struct.unpack(format,data)

that's two variables.

> print d1
> sys.exit(0)
> When I run it, it says there are too many values to unpack.
> Traceback ( most recent call last)
>   File "m:\mq\mq\scripts\", line 32, in ?
>     d1, d2 = struct.unpack(format,data)
> ValueError: too many values to unpack
> Error starting triggered application
> I checked the manual on the structure used to pack the code and it
> appears correct.

try printing the return value from struct.unpack, and see if you can 
figure out what's wrong with your code:

     print struct.unpack(format,data)


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