Watching serial port activity.

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue May 30 19:05:46 CEST 2006

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Grant Edwards  <grante at> wrote:
>On 2006-05-30, xkenneth <xkenneth at> wrote:
>> I'm using linux.
>[It's generally considered good practice to quote enough context
>so that your post makes sense to people without access to older
>Under Linux there isn't really anything.  IIRC, many years ago,
>somebody had written a kernel module that inserted itself
>between application and serial port and logged operations, but
>the last time I tried to find it, I was unsuccessful.
>If you feel like building a kernel, adding a few printk() calls
>to either the low-level serial driver or the tty
>line-discipline layer might do what you want.
!?  I hadn't realized there's no such monitor ...  What do you 
think of <URL: >?

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