converting to scgi

Damjan gdamjan at
Mon May 8 21:20:13 CEST 2006

> I'm looking for a scgi modules that make it easy to convert a CGI using
> the standard Python CGI module.  I'm hoping for something that will run
> my program either as scgi or cgi.
> I did find something called paste which purports to be some sort of CGI
> Bridge framework but from the documentation, it appears that the
> flexibility has eliminated the simplicity.

If you write web application for WSGI, then you could as easilly run them in
SCGI, CGI, mod_python, fast_cgi, in twisted or in a standalone HTTP server.

Some resources:

PythPaste of course provides a lot of tools to use with WSGI:

Flup provides scgi, fastcgi and AJP absed WSGI servers:

The WSGI specification:

It would be nice if others supplied some interesting WSGI resources too.


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