Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code

Oliver Bandel oliver at
Tue May 16 18:15:23 CEST 2006

opalpa at opalinski from opalpaweb wrote:

>>Simply put, tabs is proper, and spaces are improper.
>>Why? This may seem
>>ridiculously simple given the de facto ball of confusion: the semantics
>>of tabs is what indenting is about, while, using spaces to align code
>>is a hack.
> The reality of programming practice trumps original intent of tab
> characters.  The tab character and space character are pliable in that
> if their use changes their semantics change.

Yes, as I started programming I also preferred tabs.
And with growing experience on how to handle this in true life
(different editors/systems/languages...) I saw, that
converting the "so fine tabs" was annoying.

The only thing that always worked were spaces.
Tab: nice idea but makes programming an annoyance.


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