python soap web services

Butternut squash rrrn at
Sat May 13 15:49:17 CEST 2006

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:

> Butternut squash wrote:
>> Is there any reason why there isn't any python library that makes
>> using soap as easy as how microsoft .net makes it.
>> I mean I write rudimentary asmx files call them from a webbrowser.
>> The WSDL is generated and then there is documentation and a form to
>> invoke a function.
> The WSDL will never as easily be created as in .NET/JAVA, as Python lacks
> static typing annotations that are used by the WSDL-generators. So either
> someone defines his own type annotation theme for that purpose that can be
> used to infer the WSDL  - or you write WSDL yourself. Which is a major
> PITA, as the whole SOAP mess.
> Ravi OTH has pointed out _running_ a SOAP service is easy as cake.

I agree python soap is pretty easy to use.  Just a bit harder to use the c#
classic way to call a web service.

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