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Python, Lambda, and Guido van Rossum

Xah Lee, 2006-05-05

In this post, i'd like to deconstruct one of Guido's recent blog about
lambda in Python.

In Guido's blog written in 2006-02-10 at

is first of all, the title “Language Design Is Not Just Solving
Puzzles”. In the outset, and in between the lines, we are told that
“I'm the supreme intellect, and I created Python”.

This seems impressive, except that the tech geekers due to their
ignorance of sociology as well as lack of analytic abilities of the
mathematician, do not know that creating a language is a act that
requires little qualifications. However, creating a language that is
used by a lot people takes considerable skill, and a big part of that
skill is salesmanship. Guido seems to have done it well and seems to
continue selling it well, where, he can put up a title of belittlement
and get away with it too.

Gaudy title aside, let's look at the content of his say. If you peruse
the 700 words, you'll find that it amounts to that Guido does not like
the suggested lambda fix due to its multi-line nature, and says that he
don't think there could possibly be any proposal he'll like. The
reason? Not much! Zen is bantered about, mathematician's impractical
ways is waved, undefinable qualities are given, human's right brain is
mentioned for support (neuroscience!), Rube Goldberg contrivance
phraseology is thrown, and coolness of Google Inc is reminded for the
tech geekers (in juxtaposition of a big notice that Guido works

If you are serious, doesn't this writing sounds bigger than its
content? Look at the gorgeous ending: “This is also the reason why
Python will never have continuations, and even why I'm uninterested in
optimizing tail recursion. But that's for another installment.”. This
benevolent geeker is gonna give us another INSTALLMENT!

There is a computer language leader by the name of Larry Wall, who said
that “The three chief virtues of a programmer are: Laziness,
Impatience and Hubris” among quite a lot of other ingenious
outpourings. It seems to me, the more i learn about Python and its
leader, the more similarities i see.

So Guido, i understand that selling oneself is a inherent and necessary
part of being a human animal. But i think the lesser beings should be
educated enough to know that fact. So that when minions follow a
leader, they have a clear understanding of why and what.


Regarding the lambda in Python situation... conceivably you are right
that Python lambda is perhaps at best left as it is crippled, or even
eliminated. However, this is what i want: I want Python literatures,
and also in Wikipedia, to cease and desist stating that Python supports
functional programing. (this is not necessarily a bad publicity) And, I
want the Perl literatures to cease and desist saying they support OOP.
But that's for another installment.

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