how to clear up a List in python?

George Sakkis george.sakkis at
Fri May 26 02:22:53 CEST 2006

vbgunz wrote:

> I will not try and stop helping others because you don't like my
> answers. I found a perfectly good way how not to do something that
> wasn't exactly wrong anyway.  if you can take another persons honest
> attempt to help someone and twist it into something it is not, I can
> only suggest you look in the mirror and only if you're truly perfect
> you continue your banter.
> by the way, I am not here to promote Python. but if this is of your
> concern, perhaps maybe you should rethink how you respond in kind
> towards post you do not exactly agree with. Others are reading this and
> it might not come off as promotional material. Also, if you're having a
> bad day, take a rest and relax. You just might deserve it.

I guess Fredrik's message was more along the lines of ``don't try to
"help" others after a week or two toying with the language because you
might be offering disservice, despite your good intentions; leave this
to more experienced users``. The words might have been a bit harsher
but that's just his style; you'll get used to it if you hang around
here often.


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