Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code opalinski from opalpaweb opalpa at
Tue May 16 17:31:31 CEST 2006

> Simply put, tabs is proper, and spaces are improper.
> Why? This may seem
> ridiculously simple given the de facto ball of confusion: the semantics
> of tabs is what indenting is about, while, using spaces to align code
> is a hack.

The reality of programming practice trumps original intent of tab
characters.  The tab character and space character are pliable in that
if their use changes their semantics change.

> ... and the solution is to advance
> the sciences such that your source code in some way
> embed such information.

If/when time comes where such info is embeded perhaps then tabs will be


I use spaces because of the many sources I've opened I have many times
sighed on opening tabed ones and never done so opening spaced ones.

I don't get mad, but sighing is a clear indicator  of negativity.
Anyway, the more code I write and read the less indentation matters to
me.  My brain can now parse akward source correctly far bettter than it
did a few years ago.

All the best,
opalpa at

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