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Am Thu, 04 May 2006 04:05:49 -0700 schrieb jonas:

> Hi,
> I'm new to python.
> After a search on
> why python have a low %?

Python has the highest percentage of all languages at pleac.

For those who don't know pleac:

"""Following the great Perl Cookbook (by Tom Christiansen & Nathan
Torkington, published by O'Reilly; you can freely browse an excerpt of the
book here) which presents a suite of common programming problems solved in
the Perl language, this project aims to gather fans of programming, in
order to implement the solutions in other programming languages.

If successful, this project may become a primary resource for quick, handy
and free reference to solve most common programming problems using
higher-level programming languages, and for comparison on ease-of-use and
power/efficiency of these languages.

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