John Bokma harassment

Timo Stamm timo.stamm at
Wed May 24 17:36:22 CEST 2006

John Bokma schrieb:
> Timo Stamm <timo.stamm at> wrote:
>> Tim N. van der Leeuw schrieb:
> [...]
>>> but since I've stopped following threads originated by him
>> That's all you need to do if you are not interested in his posts.
> You're mistaken. All you need to do is report it.

Why the hell should I do that? I find his postings interesting. Of 
course I am just a pathetic, egocentric sock puppet with a dent in my 
ego and not using my brains, according to your logic.

Thank you.

> After some time Xah will either walk in line with the rest of the world  > [...]

You sound like a villain from a James Bond movie.


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