John Bokma harassment

Steve Holden steve at
Thu May 25 23:05:12 CEST 2006

Robert Boyd wrote:
> On 24 May 2006 08:29:57 -0700, Rune Strand <rune.strand at> wrote:
>>I can just declare my support. Reading Mr. Bokmas comments below [*]
>>certainly makes my suport stronger.
> I sent an email in support of Xah, which I wouldn't have bothered to
> do had I not read the rapid-fire posts from Bokma which were abusive,
> insulting, and arrogant. Xah's posts often make me roll my eyes, or I
> skip them, but sometimes (and more so lately) they have been
> intriguing and foster thought-provoking replies. I'd prefer debate and
> discussion be fostered, rather than squelched. But what does this
> clueless sock-puppet know? ;)

I too wrote to XL's hosting company pointing out that while he might be 
an irritant he wasn't particularly abusive. Bokma, on the other hand, 
can be. I don't like either of them much, but at least Xah Lee insults 
everyone while Bokma appears to resort to ad hominem attacks frequently.
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