Request for comments on python distributed technologies

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Fri May 26 14:48:36 CEST 2006

Carl J. Van Arsdall wrote:
> Hey everyone, another question for the list.  In particular i'm looking
> for comments on some of the distributed technologies supported in
> python.  Specifically, I'm looking at XML-RPC, RPyC, CORBA, and Twisted.
> Before you offer any comments let me talk about what i'm doing a little
> bit.  Right now I'm creating an execution framework.  The framework aims
> to allow users to create a modular system by which engineers can
> mitigate some of the issues seen in large complex systems.  By using
> modules the system hopes to allow the system to change but allow
> engineers to re-use as much code as possible.  By using the modules in a
> framework we hope to encapsulate the entire system to that it is
> controllable in the sense that we can generate and catch errors anywhere
> in the system and exit gracefully, things like that.  There's a lot more
> to it but the motivation spawn from our system where the system kept
> needing to adapt to support changes in our company.  These changes over
> time have resulted in a large number of "hacks".  The hope of the
> modules is to make the code a lot cleaner and organized so that the
> system can operate in whatever way it needs to without having so many
> hacks.  This system I use also operates in a primitive distributed
> environment.  Currently, these are ssh calls to other nodes that then
> execute other python scripts and shell commands.  This is the next piece
> I'm interested in moving away from.
> With all that being said, I've come across those four technologies so
> far and I've been looking into them.  I was wondering if anyone had any
> comments, pros/cons, or suggestions of other distributed technologies to
> take a look at.  I intend to integrate the distributed technology
> directly into the framework making it easy for developers to distribute
> tasks.  Anyhow, any comments would be greatly appreciated!  I also hope
> to release this framework as an open-source project when its finished,
> so again I community input is important.
> Thanks!
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RPyC !
I personnaly used it (and its predecessor, pyinvoke) for:
* a testing system that controls several computers
* drawing graphs with matplotlib while avoiding its memory leaks
* distributed calculation
* controlling embedded python applications from my favorite python
shell (not the embedded one), also allowing me to control several
instances of the application.
it's so easy to use that there's was no effort require to do any of

it's pretty self-explanatory, so I'll only say this:
it's Transparent. you run remote code and access remote objects just as
you would locally. it's minimal, and complete.
I highly recommend it!

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