Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code

Brian Quinlan brian at
Mon May 15 19:25:42 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott wrote:
> Tab is not 4 spaces.  Tab is 1 level of indentation.  The confusion that
> tabs equals some fixed width, or can/should be set to some fixed width, is
> the entire problem hampering their use.  It implies that conversion between
> tabs and spaces is straightforward when it is not.  They are not comparable
> entities.

The problem with tabs is that people use tabs for alignment e.g.

def foo():
   ->query = """SELECT *
   ->  ->  ->   FROM sometable
   ->  ->  ->   WHERE condition"""

Now I change my editor to use 8-space tabs and the code is all messed 
up. Of course, a very disciplined group of people could be trained to 
never use tabs except to align with the current block level but, in 
practice, that doesn't work. Therefore tabs are bad.


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