buffers readlines and general popen2 confusion...

Jim Segrave jes at nl.demon.net
Sun May 21 01:09:21 CEST 2006

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aristotelian at onet.eu <aristotelian at onet.eu> wrote:
>I'm interested in taking the output of a daemonized shell script that
>greps for patterns which would act as an argument to a script. Is it
>better to write this stuff to file and visit the file every few seconds
>or can this be done a better way. I'm hoping for a more elegant
>solution. So far I've seen some troubling info about buffer overflows
>with popen2 but it looks like the low-hanging fruit. I'm not a unixpro
>so I want to make sure anything I tackle is best practice. Suggestions

I'm puzzled - a daemonised program normally closes stdin/stdout/stderr
and disconnects from its controlling terminal, so where is its output

Jim Segrave           (jes at jes-2.demon.nl)

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