We finally have a complete Python project

Rony Steelandt bucodi at yahoo.fr.invalid
Wed May 3 15:10:17 CEST 2006

It is finally a fact, our new software project will be completely 
developed in Python !
Why is this so special , Well, we are using Python, for internal tools 
and some internal company software since years

So why Python now ?
Well, we are talking about a new project for us, so we can start from 
All tools that we use are open source tools. Since our project is a 
commercial project we can not develop it in open source, but we wanted 
to give back something to the community.
We will contribute in 2 ways :
-	All standard functions & widget that we develop, we will publish here 
! Anyone has an idea fort he license to use ?
-	We hope to interact with other python developers about the 
development of a commercial project with Python and if we have enough 
To make this happen we have created a blog : 

Please visit us, comment, contribute, whatever :)
feedback and interaction we will publish this as a free  open source 
book (case study)


Rony Steelandt
rony dot steelandt (at) bucodi dot com

Visit the python blog at http://360.yahoo.com/bucodi

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