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Wed May 17 23:15:31 CEST 2006

Christophe wrote:
> Terry Reedy a écrit :
>> "Christophe" <chris.cavalaria at> wrote in message 
>> news:446991de$0$7690$626a54ce at
>>> Try in the IDLE menu [Shell] "Restart Shell" (Ctrl+F6) each time you
>>> have changed something in your files - this "resets" anything previously
>>> imported, which stays the same way otherwise.
>> And I though that "bug" was fixed already :)
>> On my system, the current 2.4.3 version of Python+IDLE *does* auto 
>> restart with each run (F5).  So either the OP is using a much older 
>> version (did not specify) or the respondant mis-diagnosed the problem.
> I was looking at some idlefork info not long ago and I found something 
> which might get those different behaviours with a recent version of idle 
> : if idle cannot open it's RPC socket, it'll execute all python code in 
> it's own interpreter. There's an option for that in fact.
The option (for those playing along) is '-n'
     Windows:  command is:   \python24\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw -n
     OS-X:     command is:   pythonw ?/python24/Lib/idlelib/idle.pyw -n
     Linux & such:           python ?/python24/Lib/idlelib/idle.pyw -n
         (I think these don't
          distinguish python & pythonw)

It is useful if you are having some socket-to-self issues typically
caused by over-conservative firewall settings, because no socket
is allocated for communication.

It is also useful for experimenting with Tkinter, because a Tkinter
display loop is already running, so you can see the effects of your
Tkinter commands as they are entered.

--Scott David Daniels
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