combining a C# GUI with Python code?

Rony Steelandt bucodi at
Sat May 20 10:29:07 CEST 2006

Isn't it a bit overkill to implement the whole .net framework 'Just' 
for a GUI ??

If you want to build quickly nice GUI's for your python program, have a 
look at wxpython & wxdesigner


> Is it possible to construct a C# form (using Visual Studio) but write only 
> Python code for the events? Is there some way to tell your program to run 
> Python whenever code is run, since it will be all Python code (e.g. for 
> button presses, etc.)?
> I know it's sort of silly, and it makes your program depend on .NET, but it 
> would be a nice and easy way to create a GUI while still writing in Python, 
> if it's possible.

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