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Alex Martelli aleax at mac.com
Tue May 30 06:43:46 CEST 2006

Edward Elliott <nobody at> wrote:

> Scott David Daniels wrote:
> > I understand there is an Italian-language Python group, but _here_
> > the language is English, even if you begin by an apology in English.
> > ... In consideration for such people, please limit yourself to English.
> I doubt he'll ever see your reprimand, looks like a hit-and-run job.  Too

Hmmm, doesn't look like that to me -- he also posted to the Italian
group (correctly in that case, since it.comp.lang.python DOES welcome
Python job offers in Italian), got responses offering existing free
software to do multigraphs, followed up explaining he knows about those
programs but (being a non-programmer with what he thinks is a good idea)
still need a contract Python programmer to work on it, etc, etc.

Sounds like a person with likely good intentions that's clueless about
non-English posts (and apparently job offers) being unwelcome to this
newgroup (and about netiquette more generally -- reading groups'
charters before posting, etc).

About job offers -- I got my current (dream!) job through a long chain
of circumstances which DID begin with somebody posting a job offer to
this group... so, I can't honestly sympathize with the distaste that
some have expressed about seeing (relevant!-) job offers here (yeah,
there ARE better venues, admittedly -- but some of us dinosaurs read
newsgroups regularly but check out such sites only once in a while, and
only when specifically LOOKING for a job, which at the time of that post
that eventually got me a job, I definitely wasn't...;-).


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