data entry tool

Peter nospamjynyl at
Wed May 10 20:54:14 CEST 2006

Serge Orlov wrote:
> Peter wrote:
>> A webapp isn't feasible as most of the users are on dial up (this is in
>> New Zealand and broadband isn't available for lots of people).
> I don't see connection here, why it's not feasible?

Our volunteers won't sit on their dial up connection for hours at a time. 
Many dial up plans charge an hourly rate after the first so many hours per
month, plus it means you can't use your phone line to receive or make phone
> You can do it using for example Tkinter
> <> that comes with python
> distribution for windows.

thanks - I'll take a look.

> Keep in mind that standalone application for windows will be about 2Mb.

Wow - why so big for such a simple tool?
2MB sounds like a LOT of coding.


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