Parsing python dictionary in Java using JPython

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Fri May 26 10:43:13 CEST 2006


We have some tools which are developed in Python and using python dictionaries. Now for some new requirments we are using Java and want to use the existing dictionaries as both the tools are executed on the same platform. So we are trying to use the existing dictionaries only using JPython libraries. 

Also if u know some thing like sending back values from Python to Java then also it is ok. In this case we will use python to parse the dictionaries and send the values returned back to Java.


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> It really depends on how you are trying to pass the dictionary across
> to Java, what sort of objects are in the dictionary etc. Could you
> provide some more background?
> BTW the Java implementation of Python is now called Jython (and has
> been for some years!).
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