scientific libraries for python

Harold Fellermann dadapapa at
Thu May 11 15:45:06 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I want to use the current need for a Levenberg-Marquardt least squares
fitting procedure
for my long term desire to dive into scientific libraries for python.
However, I am always
confused by the shear sheer variety of available packages and the fact
that some of them
(Numeric, Numarray) seem to be outdated. gives a nice overview
of the most
popular packages. According to this listing, ScientificPython and
PyDSTool seem most
appropriate for what I generally work on (simulations of dynamical
systems and data

Before I start to dive into one of these packages (I would go for
ScientificPython from what
I know so far), I want to ask about your experiences. Is there a good
reason to choose
one instead of the other? Or do they even work together, in the sense
that I can use
PyDSTool to generate data to be later analyzed by ScientifPython
without much timeconsuming
conversion a.s.o. in between?

Thanks for any suggestions!

- harold -

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