TkTable for info gathering

Gary Wessle phddas at
Fri May 12 13:11:43 EDT 2006


I just finished with 1.5 tutorials about Tkinter, my thought is to use
a table "maybe TkTable" to gather info from the user as to what file
to chart data from, as well as info provided by the TkTable
each cell of the table will be either empty or contains a file path,
let x=1  be the x-index of the cells on the first col and y=1 be the
y-index of the cells on the first row. the position of the cell with
the max-x and max-y will determine how many frames will be displayed,
grid with x columns corresponding to max-x and x rows corresponding to

i.e, the look of the table will resemble the gui, empty cell -> empty
frame, cell with filepth -> frame with canvas. 

is TkTable or NovaGrid suitable for this?


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