regex help

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Tue May 16 17:44:06 CEST 2006

Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:

> I have the following table and I am trying to match percentage the 2nd
> column on the 2nd Tiger line (9.0).
> I have tried both of the following.  I expected both to match but neither
> did?  Is there a modifier
> I am missing?  What changes do I need to make these match?  I need to keep
> the structure of the regex the same.
> TIGER.append("TIGER\s{10}.*?(?:(\d{1,3}\.\d)\s+){2}",
> target_table).group(1))
> TIGER.append("^TIGER.*?(?:(\d{1,3}\.\d)\s+){2}",
> target_table).group(1))

You can try the re.DOTALL flag (prepend the regex string with "(?s)"), but
I'd go with something really simple:

instream = iter(target_table.splitlines()) # or: instream = open(datafile)
for line in instream:
    if line.startswith("TIGER"):
        value =[1] # or ...[0]? they are both '9.0'


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