Using python for a CAD program

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Tue May 16 15:57:21 EDT 2006

Ühel kenal päeval, E, 2006-05-15 kell 23:49, kirjutas
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> 2.  GUI.  Yes, I know you can do guis with qt, gtk, tkinter, etc.  I'm
> talking of fancy guis that do alpha blending, animations, nice
> shading/gradients, etc. in a quick, smooth, and slick way, such that
> moving a scroll bar or jiggling the mouse yields fast game-like
> response time, and which gives this program the feeling that you're
> actually in the 21st century... ie this is an *interactive*
> environment, and I f***king hate crass-hatching, so real colors is a
> must.  Can this be portable between linux and windows?  Is it possible
> to "do the whole thing" in opengl, even the 2d stuff?  I guess I dont
> know enough about guis here.  My fear is that my app will turn into
> x-hell if I try to do more than 8-bit colors in linux, with flashing
> background windows and complaints from the server about bit planes.
> Maybe I need to play with linux a bit more from the development side
> before commenting on this, since I get the feeling I'm working on old
> information here...

for a nice fast corel-draw clone written in python see


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