John Bokma harassment

bradb brad.beveridge at
Wed May 24 16:57:59 CEST 2006

> C'mon, John Bokma (and everyone else dumb enough to crosspost their
> shushing to every group on the crosspost list -- why do they do that? So
> Xah will hear them six times? No, they want everyone to see how witty
> they are when they tell Xah off. Now /that/ is spam) is the problem.
> kenny

I agree.  It is not Xah who is the problem, but the 200 replies to him
telling him to go away.  Look at Xah's posting to replies ratio, it is
enormous - Xah is the ultimate troll and everything he posts turns into
huge threads.  At c.l.l at least his threads are almost certainly the
longest by far.
The answer is easy, don't respond to his posts.


(sigh, now I am one of the crossposting Xah repliers)

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