Simple DAV server?

robert no-spam at
Sat May 20 13:19:48 CEST 2006

Kyler Laird wrote:
> Ivan Voras <ivoras at> writes:
>>Most of the problems are probably because I didn't mean it to be a 
>>fully-compliant WebDAV server, but to serve my need at the time :)
> I am *so* close to having a WebDAV solution.  Unfortunately when I finally
> moved to using HTTPS, it all broke in MS Windows.  (Konqueror handles it
> beautifully.) 
> If I make a Web Folder with HTTP, Windows displays it (as "\\hostname\")
> in Windows Explorer.  If I make it with HTTPS, it throws me into Internet
> Explorer (where WebDAV isn't used - I can't even launch files).
> WTF?!  It looks like other people are using WebDAV over HTTPS.
> Why is Windows kicking me into IE for HTTPS???
> (I'm tired and frustrated.  I hate being forced to deal with proprietary
> software.)

The Windows Web Folder mapping service is also "proprietary" : MS
It can't handle HTTPS in XP so far.

That HTTPS example on this page is from a Mac.


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