John Bokma harassment

Ted Zlatanov tzz at
Wed May 31 18:27:19 CEST 2006

On 31 May 2006, xah at wrote:

> Most languages stay blindly in their own community, oblivious to the
> nature or facts of computing languages outside of their world. If
> there are more relevant cross-posting, then this problem can be
> lessened.

(cross-posted to c.l.perl.misc and c.l.python only because they are
named in Xah Lee's discourse)

That's interesting.  So to "correct" the attitude of several
communities *you* believe are insular and opinionated (most people
would disagree with you, but that's besides the point) you took it
upon yourself to cross-post your thoughts to all those communities.
Do you really believe this is ethically correct?  (I'm sure you
believe it's morally correct, but that's also besides the point.  I
hope you at least understand the difference between morals and ethics,
and which of the two apply when you deal with a community.)

You mention philosophers, cooperation, and open-mindedness.  You also
use loaded terms like "hot air," "brainlessness," call Python people
"militant" and "poor in knowledge," and name a "Perl cult."  I hope
you see how this is at best inconsistent (I would call it
hypocritical), and makes you and your postings unwelcome with the
communities you've peppered with your opinions.


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