interactive shell -- reload definitions?

malv malvert at
Wed May 10 19:00:38 CEST 2006

This is a question that comes up almost continuously for at least six
years now.
For Python users having to deal with major real-life applications, this
may make them think twice about the future suitability of Python as a
competitive development tool.
Ruby is featuring a software modify and go feature. Lisp is, even VB
does. In the design of Smalltalk this used to be one of the major

Plenty of posts will turn up doing a search on "reload". The following
references summarize some of these problems:

In fact, doing a reload usually will not accomplish what one is looking
for. Class instances should also be upgraded on reload(), preferably
automatically. This can be accomplished as shown by Michael Hudson in:
Variants on this theme exist which seem to be broken.

Given the persistent push of Ruby, I would strongly recommend that a
workable integrated solution will be found for Reload & Go in Python,
taking priority on many way out features of rather low practicality for
many  programmers.

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