Swaying A Coder Away From Python

Rony Steelandt bucodi at yahoo.fr.invalid
Thu May 4 17:52:50 CEST 2006

"One problem is that python tools suck," he wrote. Wallace compared the 
various IDEs and other developer tools available to Microsoft's freely 
available Visual Studio Express and called them "toys."


What s wrong with VI ???  :)


>> On 4 May 2006 05:24:40 -0700, BartlebyScrivener <rpdooling at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I'm picking this up via clp on Google Groups. I can't tell what Mr.
>>> Lundh is referring to. The first line of his post is: "Tim Williams
>>> wrote" but there's nothing that comes before.
> Similarly, I'm reading this via comp.lang.python and the original
> article hasn't shown up at this site.
> Tim Williams <tdw at tdw.net> wrote:
>> I found the web version at.

>> http://www.devwebpro.co.uk/devwebprouk-46-20060503SwayingACoderAwayFromPython.html
> Wherein we find:
> He also listed a few reasons why C# appeals to him over Python or Java: 
> * anonymous functions (delegates)
> * a python-like yield statement
> * a nice type system with generics
> * interfaces 
> * properties (Yay!!)
> So that's two of the five Python has, one explicitly acknowledged,
> plus the combination of lambda and functions-as-first-class-objects
> is as good as (or better than) "anonymous functions (delegates)".
> And then we get onto personal preferences as to how to do type
> systems. That's not a great deal with which to sway someone.

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