how to clear up a List in python?

vbgunz vbgunz at
Fri May 26 00:26:43 CEST 2006

> if you don't know how to do things, you don't need to post.
> if you know why this is about the dumbest way to do what you're doing,
> and you're posted this on purpose, you really need to grow up.

If this was the case who then would post any questions? I not only made
my post with the best of intentions but felt attaching a strongly
worded and lengthy warranty over the script performance and pythonic
value would be overkill. I admit I am not the best at Python and I have
no problem in being offered a more optimized solution but to insult me
is childish. no?

It's ok and I have no grudge with you Fredrik. I would appreciate
though you simply point out my error with a suggested solution and if
energy permit, tell me why my solution is not so good and why yours is
better. I would value that very much. Also, not to be the dummy or
anything but my solution did exactly what the first poster requested.

Robert happened to point out a much better and most likely preffered
alternative solution. It was great! I live and I learn.

Have a good day!

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