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"George Sakkis" <george.sakkis at> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
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[ Xah Lee ]

>> [1] He is looking for another hoster btw.
> This must feel really empowering huh ? 

I am sure I've had quite some help. Also, you made quite a mistake. I have 
0 power, I just reported what I saw: repeatedly cross posting to 5 groups 
for the sole purpose of trolling and spamvertizing a website. And I am 
afraid that 5 is a limit set by Google Groups, not by your kook buddy.

Funny though, how you have a problem with a thread that side steps to Perl 
only for 4 or 5 postings, but have no problem with a hit & run post in 5 
groups to spamvertize a site.

Have fun with the pondering btw.

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