Programming language productivity

John Bokma john at
Mon May 22 01:14:59 CEST 2006

Peter Maas <peter.maas at> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> Also note that Python programmers write more lines/hour which they
>> need to finish in the same time as Perl programmers :-D.
> You probably want to say that a Python program tends to have more
> lines than an equivalent Perl program.

No, I was just making a joke based on the graphs given on the site 
mentioned earlier.

> I think that a LOC comparison between a language that enforces line
> breaks and another language that enables putting an lots of code in
> one line doesn't make much sense. I wonder why comparisons aren't made
> in terms of word count. Word count would include literals, constants,
> variables, keywords, operators, bracket- and block delimiter pairs.

No idea, I consider comparisons like this quite meaningless when people 
attempt to use them as a kind of quality measurement.

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