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Ten runlevelten at
Wed May 31 12:25:56 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 10:36, ilitzroth at wrote:
> >Your first question should be: Is it alright that Xah harasses 5
> >newsgroups? Or maybe work on your spelling, harass is with one r, but
> >maybe you didn't read the subject, which wouldn't amaze me, since you
> >sound like you should be spending time on MySpace OMG!.
> Dear John,
> Should I ask myself the question about Xah first, or work on my
> spelling?
> I knew har*ass it had 1 or more r's in it but I couldn't figure out the
> exact number.
> That makes me suspect my spelling is good enough and I should dive
> right into the
> Xah issue. What do you think John?
> I don't get the MySpace OMG reference, but rest assured John, you are
> still my favorite
> newsnet nazi. I know you have been feeling pretty insecure about this
> Xah fellow, but
> you know that is just silly, don't you?
> Yours truly
> Immanuel
> P.S Do not hesitate to comment on form, spelling or style of this
> message. I am always
> eager to learn.


The guy cross-posts wildly off-topic posts as a flimsy pretext on which to
plaster advertisements for his website. That's even if you don't consider
the posts themselves drivel. He starts flame wars, or just maildrops and
doesn't respond.

He does so despite the way he does it being impolite, probably in violation
of every TOS he crosses, and inconsiderate to those of us who just want to
use the newsgroup.

If you want to waste your time on mounting a tenacious defence of that, good
luck to you, but consider the possibility that you may be wrong.

Of course we can ignore the guy - I'm sure many do without giving it further thought,
but being able to ignore a transgression or discourtesy doesn't magically mean the
person isn't doing it does it?

As for all this specious nonsense about freedom of speech - every organised forum
for discussion has some level of regulation, varying from taking turns speaking, to
staying a certain distance from the opposition, to wearing the appropriate hat, to
not physically hitting your colleagues.

To confuse that simple and civilised thing with some desire to *stifle* opinion
or basic freedoms would be a little childish, wouldn't it?

Isn't it just people wanting to use this resource as a place to discuss the
topics at hand, without loads and loads of noise and cynical advertising at our expense?



PS: Nice to see Godwin's ticking over nicely these days. :)

There are 10 types of people in this world,
those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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