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"Chris Uppal" <chris.uppal at metagnostic.REMOVE-THIS.org> wrote:

> [apologies to the whole flaming crowd for sending this to the whole
> flaming crowd...]
> Geoffrey Summerhayes wrote:
>> After you kill Navarth, will it be nothing but gruff and deedle
>> with a little wobbly to fill in the chinks?
> Where does that come from ?  It sounds like a quote, and Navarth is a
> Jack Vance name (and /what/ a character), but I don't remember the
> rest of it occurring in Vance.

Navarth is very present in "the palace of dreams" (Demon princes series)

The gruff, deedle and wobbly is mentioned IIRC in Wyst (Alastor 1716), but 
not sure about it. IIRC it's all you need in the egalistic world of Wyst.

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