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"akameswaran at" <akameswaran at> wrote:

> It seems to me the discussion could actually be beneficial.  If several
> different coders gave similar responses, ie code line/character count
> comparisons, we might be able to see if there is a trend of any sort -
> the more "anecdotes" given and we start to have trends - or maybe we
> don't.

What's the point? So you can say: Perl code has on average 1.727 more 
lines compared to Python?

What's the point, both are tools. People who use both Perl and Python pick 
one to solve a problem because they want to pick what they believe is the 
right tool. I doubt that the number of lines is often on their mind.

People who just know either Perl or Python don't care much about such 
figures, or so I hope.

> Lastly, Ed - can you post the code?  That may be putting your head in
> the lion's mouth so to speak and make the whole thread even worse - and
> your coding style will get shredded by perl advocates... ok nevermind
> don't post it.'

And not by Python advocates?

> Ok I'm going to end with a flamebait - but I would posit, ALL OTHER
> THINGS BEING EQUAL - that a smaller number of characters and lines in
> code is more maintainable than larger number of characters and lines in
> the code.

And I think that's why a lot of people posted very negative, in the hope 
that people would not be tempted to make the above very dumb statement.

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