Python Programming Books?

Rony Steelandt bucodi at
Wed May 24 15:08:16 CEST 2006

Since I'm a professional developper,I don't think that my personnal 
view on those books would be of any use to you. I actually have no idea 
how to start Python if you're not a developper, I know it is possible 
since quit a lot of matimatical engineers use it.

But I'm sure some people here will give you good advise.

> Thanks, if you don't mind could I have a small <b>personal</b>
> description on the quality of the books (pros, cons).
> I also am interested if anyone has used "Python Programming: An
> Introduction to Computer Science" and if I could be given a detailes
> evaluation about it.
> Thanks again.

Rony Steelandt
rony dot steelandt (at) bucodi dot com

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