Is this a good use of __metaclass__?

Joel.Hedlund at Joel.Hedlund at
Sat May 6 19:21:50 CEST 2006


Thank you for a quick and informative response!

> I'd go for 'manually decorating' anyway. Metaclasses can be really handy
> for framework-like stuff, but for the use case you describe, I think the
> explicit decorator option is much more, well, explicit - and also more
> flexible - than metaclass black magic.

Yes, point taken.

> This may also help you distinguish 'published' API from implementation (which is what > CherryPy do)

Hmm... I'm not sure I understand how manually decorating would help me
do that? With SimpleXMLRPCServer.register_instance(obj) all public
methods of obj are published for XMLRPC, decorated or not. Off course,
I could write a @do_not_publish decorator, but that seems backwards to
me... I'm not familiar with how CherryPy works either, I'm sorry to

> And finally, this may let you organize your code more freely - you
> can mix methods needing different decorators in a same class.

One can still do that, even if one would use a metaclass to set the
"bare necessities" decorators. All you have to do is add the extra ones
manually. I just meant to let the metaclass do the really, really
important ones for me (the validator for each API class). The ones that
I can't, won't, mustn't forget to add lest the Script Kiddies of the
Internet come brutalizing my data. :-)

> You would then have a 'server' class that just provides common
> services and dispatch to specialized objects.

Neat. It won't play nice with dir() or SimpleXMLRPCServer's
introspection functions though (system.listMethods(),
system.methodHelp()). That may be a showstopper, or do you know of any

> My 2 cents...

Thanks! Those were what I was hoping for, after all.

Thanks for your help!

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